A Tribute To Edward Moore Poem by Sidi Mahtrow

A Tribute To Edward Moore

Rating: 2.7

Once was a Moore.
Some eleven score
Has passed
Since we saw the last
Of Edward
Who, some thought untoward
With his way with words
As one of the bards
Who used
Some say abused,
The family of muses
Without the usual excuses.
For he had a grander scheme
A vision of how things might have been
As he wrote what the market would allow
And with a furrowed brow
Composed lines of prose and poetry
That appealed to the female gentry.

Writing for the parlor crowd
That read poetry out-loud
To the amusement
And the betterment
Of women
(That's right women)
Who had not the right to vote
So hiding behind their petticoat
They manipulated the men of the hour
To do their bidding (while in flower)
Thus living what is said to be
The 'Life of Raleigh'*

If you want to know Moore
You'll find there isn't much in store
Other than what Sam Johnson penned
When he collected the writings of other men.

Alas, of Edward Moore
There's not more.

* Also life of Riley or life of Reilly. If it's the good life you want, this is you best choice, but if it's not so good (remember Sir Walter lost his head) , then perhaps it's something to dread.

Anjali Sinha 29 January 2009

a wonderful tribute to Edward Moore anjali

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