A Tribute To Rudyard Kipling's If

The fight continues
With all our hearts, nerves and sinews
We told them to "hold on"
Even if we're not old enough to claim them gone

We walked with kings and crowds
We became humble when we should be proud
We try not to lose the common touch
Because what's in common is simply too much

We never gave way to hating but waiting
And waited we did while in the path of escaping
We won and lost and won and lost and won
Then we thought about which one means which one?

We seem to know what's going on that's how we lose
Then with what we lose we stoop and we reuse
Imagine winning with worn out tools someone else's refuse
Give it to others on a handy platter but leave enough clues

And now we seem to forgive but don't fill the sixty seconds
We gulped what happened but for some reason we ask for seconds
And men we are after the men we were made even when crowds crowd us
They don't forgive us because they're somewhere above the clouds. Hush!