A True Friend Means To Me.. Poem by Golden Heart

A True Friend Means To Me..

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To me a true friend is someone you can lean on when you need support,
someone that will catch you when you're unsteady
To me a true friend is here to help you with a problem,
if they know how to solve it
To me a true friend is a person that makes you smile without even trying,
That makes you cry but with happiness
To me a true friend is someone you can see
when they're not really next to you
To me a true friend is one that knows what to say,
when you are merely speechless

And stands by you in the good and bad times,
Is rich in their companionship

Golden Heart 21 January 2008

AWWWWWWW thankssssss! ! ! ! ! you guys are really supporting and sweet for reading the first poem i have written on poemhunter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i appreciate your comments! ! !

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Mz.Honesty Only 21 January 2008

GREAT...I love this poems. You is a good friend for letting people know what a good friend is.

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Tam Khaf 16 February 2013

wonderful words...thank you

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Golden Heart 10 June 2009

Thank you very much! ! !

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Eyan Desir 22 April 2009

Goood write dear poet

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Golden Heart 25 January 2008

aww thanks you are so sweet and yeah you inspired me to write 8 new poems some with a moving message so... i'm your fan too

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Mz.Honesty Only 25 January 2008

This is an amazing poem. This is how I would want my true friends to be. You should keep writing, you are great I give you a 10. You got yourself a new fan.

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