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Beauty are the roses
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... Why Love Hurts
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... Font Color= Blue Love Versus Hate.... (Final Count Down)

Once the vine from above
Mixed with the seeds of love
Desires turned to envy


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Miriam Maia Padua 26 October 2011
Eyan....a very good poet... I remember the first time I read one of his works before...(smile) and his works now.... Thank you so much for sharing, Eyan and be able to read his book....and actually have a copy of it..which I am very thankful to him....A treasure to cherish Thank so much for your book....I valued it so much...
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Lady Grace 03 May 2011
the ART OF GOLD is very smart...i hope u can earn lots from this..ur book is already leveling up.tho ur first book is already nice but this second one is more upgraded..congratulations to u and ur works ian...I DO HOPE U WILL NO LONGER STOP WRITING POETRY...i lav ur books as i lav ya...smileeeeeeeee
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Lady Grace 16 March 2010
ian, the book''juice of love'' is very nice..aside from it's tidy background, the word ''love'' is really emphasized...world today needs love and respect..i like the contents..all are smartly done..well prepared, nice, clean and presentable..the selected poems are familiarized by the author which has the signature of excellence..thanks for sharing that book my ian..tho we are miles and miles apart, hope respect and love is always wth us..friendship, thats what i mean...don't stop writing since we need you to inspire our work..GOD bless u always, ..just make ur work always nice..thanks a lot my ian..thank you so much...there'll ne no ''me'' if there's no ''you'' here...take care..goodluck for ur next book...lavs ya always...
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A T 04 January 2010
good work eyan! keep writin n keep sharin!
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Rachel Rachel 05 December 2009
I really enjoyed the way you ebb, thanks for the stirring ride.{smile}
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Jean Pullman 04 December 2009
very beautiful poem about the rhodora. i liked it a lot.
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Karina The Cat 28 November 2009
i like this part Not even oceans with love... Can make relationships last.
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eyan..is more than i geat poet..its amazing..he brings me joy when i read his poetry
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Giorgos Vlachos 08 October 2009
Eyan is Wonderful.
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Kente Lucy 21 September 2009
hmmm a great poem, i do really enjoy your poems there maturity in them.
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Hope Hills 06 August 2009
You player you! Hum?
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Lady Grace 18 July 2009
as i read some of your poems, they are all fine tho it needs some and a bit refining sweetheart..happy birthday dear, , wish you goodluck in your poetry...poets are here to be inspired and act as an inspiration to others, thats my views and my opinion....i think ph is not a battlefield where warriors and knights fight..in my own opinion, ph is a field where words are to be arranged, to be refined, to be checked, to be read, to be judged and not to be stolen..respect to all is nice to avoid inconvenience..to ian desir, i am not a good poet nor i consider myself as a poet, , , you are better, so keep up the good work, i know you can make it sir..u had written differnt styles of poetries, whch is whch they are all fine.......regards to family and friends..
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Steven Pimentel 11 July 2009
dem i can look up to you.. im very young & i think i got talent how can i write a book like you did.. i dont care that im to young because i got a great mind.. i want to write poems of teenage lifes.. & as you see in my poems i can write about lifee.. talk to me
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Brooke Jkjkjk 07 July 2009
read the poem and absolutly loved it! ! !
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veronique buea pre 20 June 2009
love this poem as well
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veronique buea pre 20 June 2009
i love this poem i give it a 1o vote
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I'm sorry, all you wrote basically were adjectives that were skillfully put together.
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Kristina B; Williams 17 June 2009
just read i fly away, and maling love, and whats the color of love..all 10s..keep it going
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C Misenheimer 14 June 2009
I liked this poem. I think you have a great way of expressing your words about life. I relate to this as well as many others, I'm sure. I love the words............. Life's celestial shores....... Traps me! Like prison bars...I fall as a victim...To it's bitter roots...Struggling, fighting...then you go one to finish with.....Like birds I fly away..........To a land of gladness......Where joy never ends..............Great ending! ! !
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