A United Kingdom? Poem by Bill Wright

A United Kingdom?

This ruddy referendum, really made me mad,
Petty politicians, false facts, libels and lies,
Trying to win over the voters' trust,
And cut the other side down to size.

We had promises after promises,
Threat after threat after threat,
How worried we should all be next,
If we don't do this or that.

Big buses with big slogans,
Emblazoned with contentious claims,
Look at all that lovely lolly,
As long as you don't vote remain.

On the other side the "Fear Factor",
Vote out means recession and ruined,
I half expected Private Fraser,
To tell us all, "We're doomed."

The deed is done, the die now cast,
And a mutinous mood prevails,
The English electorate have had their say,
And taken the wind out of everyone's sails.

Question after question,
What the heck happens now,
Division, divorce and despair,
A new future, but nobody knows how.

The numbers tell a torrid tale,
Of a nation pulled apart,
How on earth do we heal these wounds,
Just where do we start?

The Scots say Stay,
And the English say Go,
The youngsters yell Yes,
And the old say No.

Cameron thought that he would win,
Puzzled pollsters told him so,
Oops, they got that wrong again,
So it's time for him to go.

Let's look forward to the future,
Not much more that we can do,
Just Keep Calm and carry on,
It's now down to me and you.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: future,politics
I wrote this because I was really concerned about the negative campaign, lies, fear, and exaggerations being put forward as 'facts' by BOTH sides of the recent UK Referendum
Mike Smith 29 August 2016

I closely followed the Bexit news especially in the several weeks preceding the vote. And I can say that I very much agree with you on this, whether the decision made was right or wrong for the country... Well that's not up to me to decide, but the tactics used by either end of the campaign, that was the deplorable part of it all. Time will tell which side was right or wrong in their promotion of remain or leave, but what is abundantly evident in all this is that facts are mearly what one biased group feeds down their audiences throat whether they hold any validity or not

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