A Vanished Friend Poem by Anders Lim

A Vanished Friend

Around the corner
I have a friend
In this great city
That has no end

Yet the days go by
And weeks rush on
And before I know it
A year is gone

And I never see my
Old friends face
For life is a swift
And terrible race

He knows I like him
Just as well
As in the days when
I rang his bell

And he rang mine if
We were younger then
And now we are busy
Tired men

Tired of playing a
Foolish game
Tired of trying to
Make a name

'Tomorrow' I say 'I
Will call on Jim
Just to show that
I'm thinking of him”

But tomorrow comes
And tomorrow goes
And distance between
Us grows and grows

Around the corner
Yet miles away
'Here's a telegram sir
Jim died today”

And that's what we get
And deserve in the end
Around the corner
A vanished friend

Silvia Thomas 31 December 2006

A nice rhyming poem about the world of today. The world revolves at the same pace, yet the demands of us humans grow ever faster. We are tortured by the high demands that we are forced to meet, and in return we only neglect those whom we need. a great poem!

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Linda 09 March 2021

Ain't nothing new under the sun.

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Kevin 31 December 2018

This is an old poem. Poem was written by Charles Hanson Towne. look him up.

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kulit .. 02 July 2009

i think we are experiencing the same thing.. but i think there are reason why are old friends are not with us today..

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Richa Dhodi 29 September 2008

I really like the ending of the poem.. it is nice... good one.. ric

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Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

Anders, thank you for the note. This is a truth-telling poem for sure... Yes, the days go on and we must take care of what really matters. Well said. Esther : ]

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