Revenge Poem by Anders Lim


Rating: 5.0

I knew who you were
Ever since we first met
Your pathetic voice I hear
Your pathetic face I’ll never forget

You don’t have a charm
What are you boasting about?
Just be thankful I’ve done you no harm
So get the hell out!

You think you’re so smart
You think you’re all that
One day I will crush your heart
And you’d wish we’d never met

Your self centeredness will kill you one day
Most likely by my bare fists
I’ll burn you in the pits of dismay
And you’ll forever cease to exist

You’ve put me down so much now
Wait til’ my revenge takes place
No mercy I will tolerate or allow
Neither will you feel my grace

All I want is to see you cry
At my feet of superiority
Leaving you out there to die
And wither from reality

Coz you have been the reason
Why I suffer again and again
You’ve taken my life without hesitation
Now face my rage and pain

May you someday come to see
What a great mess you’ve done
Upon facing judgement and meeting me
Your worst nightmare has just begun

Yara Sherif 13 February 2009

woooooooooooow very very very beautiful poems i felt all what you wrote congratulations for your writing i love the sad poems alot because most of them gives the reader the feeling of what you feel and wrote

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Who has made you so angry? Great write lol...

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Ernest Lee Clary 12 February 2009

i had to read it again its one of the best ive read on here for its nature-id hate to be on your bad side.

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Ernest Lee Clary 12 February 2009

sounds a bit mean but has a good flow-10+

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