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out of passion

was crafted love

Lil' firecracker, July child-to-be
Another sunny redhead, she hoped in vain
No, for you there were other dreams

Will you find that which you seek
Within the ruins of fire grown weak?
Ashes blown from hearth to heart
Choke life's breath, deaden its art.

houses house bodies
bodies house life

life houses souls

For one ruined in love, the old status quo
Offers comfort of a kind tho' cold.
Suffering neglect, your heart is a wreck,
Yet one's vow demands payment of debt.

Beauty marks are meant for kissing...
This girl's are found in places pleasing:
On her neck, scented and lissome,
On rounded cheek with smile so teasing.

Defenseless I lay, cuddled up snugly in bed;
I'd done nothing to invite his appearance in my head
Except to drink in the danger of manic eyes
Earlier in the flickering light of his odd-guy guise.

She quietly said, 'Milton... I love you.'
His light heart ballooned to the moon.
She flew out - - 'So shy! ' he thought, but he knew
That wedding bells would clanggg very soon.

Sweet, warm dark of night
pull me in and hold me tight.
Help me fight this awful scourge
of sleeplessness, and the urge

Rising to the surface
of morning altitude
Often the awakening more
than just a little rude

Too much may make one mad
(yet, too little can be as bad) .
The more that you think (and think and think)
the more you forget to wash - - you stink!

Touch of thin silk
the color rose
bed steeped in the
scent of her repose

she makes music

in his bed

Silence or screams,
no in-between...
a hard place to grow,
with nothing to know

Dreck writes itself,
caring not, says 'What the heck'
to all this rot - - that is, the thought
that words can mean an awful

Open up
Lose that fear
Take a chance
Won't you, this year

It is funny, isn't it,
how fast one can go
from joy to sorrow
down life's twisty road.

What is a good guy, she wanted to know.
The other said, 'In my experience, 'tis he
who never hits you whether high or low;
he comes home from work to watch TV;

hope dies hard, it is said
always I agreed
knowing this truth for myself

Catching your eye as we stroll through the crowd
I squeeze your hand and whisper...

Watching a movie packed tight with strangers

Esther Leclerc Biography

2/2006: I've got to say, I'm not a poet and I know it! ... I'll try anyway, with the kind encouragement of new friends (thanks very) . - So. Cal girl till 21, salt water in my veins; - Married and have lived many lives overseas: Paris, Moscow, Manama, Canberra, London, Port of Spain (Trinidad) , and Frankfurt... Expect to go 'out' again next summer for a few more years. Travelled many other places. - I am very new to writing anything like poetry, but not to writing itself, something I've always enjoyed (for myself) . The poetry at this site is fantastic, and I am so happy to have been shown the way here. (Thanks, C.A.!) - Be happy, all! LITS for anything else...)

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A Perfect Fit

out of passion

was crafted love

he the warm hand

she is his glove

Esther Leclerc Comments

Myra Jefferson 04 March 2006

Saying more with less is a wonderful gift. Fantastic, Esther!

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Myra Jefferson 04 March 2006

Saying more with less is quite a talent! Great poem, Esther.

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Anna Russell 15 March 2006

Esther is witty, concise and sharp as a tack. She also has a talent for beautiful, haunting imagery.I know, I know, it's enough to make you sick isn't it? But put your jealousy aside for a moment and read her work - you will be well rewarded. Welcome to PH Esther! Hugs Anna xxx

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Jerry Hughes 26 April 2007

It's always difficult to individualise on poems when the writer is as good as Esther Leclerc. Suffice to say you're a joy to read, Esther. Warmly and always fondly, Jerry

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Brian Dorn 04 October 2006

Esther's poetry is representative of the notion of quality over quantity. Her work is dazzling, smart, humorous, compassionate and even intimate. She leaves her readers with a lasting impression and a yearning for more. Regardless of the topic, Esther is more than 'able' to impress!

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I have to take issue with Esther. The line in her bio, that is, claiming not to be a poet. Little could be further from the truth; though dishonesty is not a fault that she has and modesty is an attribute that she has in quantity. Her pieces variously inspire, lend a laugh, cause introspection and/or express fine observation; and have in common the one denominator of being finely written, intelligent, apt and engaging. Very, very much so. I am very glad to have been commended to read her craft, and so will you be.

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Scarlett Treat 10 July 2006

Witty, sensitive, born to write - all of these fit my dear friend, Esther. She can see the funny side, the sunny side, and as she gets better and better, she is getting into the depths and writing some truly hauntingly beautiful poems. I would say she is improving with age...but she would kill me if I did that! So I will just say you really must read her work. She is well worth it!

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Chuck Audette 02 June 2006

Esther is a fellow PIM* artist and a poet bursting at the seams with good humor, kindness and intelligence. I sometimes think she shares a brain with me - certainly possible if we're both half-wits? She embodies the best of Poemhunter - having fun, encouraging others and constantly improving herself. I can't say enough good things about her. Well, I could but it would get boring, so you might as well move along and read her very delightful poems. Sincerely -chuck * Poetry in Motion

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