Seema joglekar

A Venial Discord! - Poem by Seema joglekar

1. Love me not, with eyes yearning,
Flagging looks & charms fly,
Crab age will come by knocking,
Love me with a discerning eye.

2. Love me not, like the seraphims in heaven,
Milk and honey ever flowing,
But cleansed in my hide of dust and grime,
Like a mortal -enduring.

3. Love me not, in doubt of his great reaches beyond,
Let love take your hand; see the frail daisy follow the sun.
My beacon in a lost land,
Love me as my chosen.

4. Love me not, in youthful abandon,
A whim for every season,
Love me, with eyes that light up,
Locked into mine each time.

5. Love me not, like angels in blissful permanence,
In borrowed light, in strife’s absence,
Our daily pain and joy in cadence,
Shall advance to a heavenly significance.

6. Love me no less, when suspicion clouds your eye,
Then let no faith be wanting,
Let my silence be justifying enough,
Love me through a misunderstanding.

7. Love me not, like a sunbeam through a shower,
That I pursue like the rainbow after each rain,
Nature’s most exquisite deed,
When no gladness remains around to cheer,
Then, love me as your most quiet need.

8. Love me not, if thoughts that best begin the day,
End in the wan look, the sunken cheek, the hung head curly,
But unwinds a love knit in many a years,
Love me and be my reason to wake early.

9. Love me not, when bestowed with fortune and praise,
But when world’s glories shun me in the face,
And love becomes a virtue for heroic grace,
Then, love me like the copper skies in open embrace.

10. Love me not, when your thoughts are anchored,
In the sea of past-hauntings,
There, where they wrestle with solitude,
Love me through all your wanderings.

11. Love me not, when all mankind stands agreed,
That friendship is its only useful need,
But when it drains every inch of the roughest courage,
Love me with that which binds the world in a deed.

12. Love me not, for no wealth have I,
My love is all I can call mine,
Love me and want no other reward,
Is not friendship truly divine?

13. Love me not with serenades that outdo the cuckoo,
Wooing in devoted repetition, -“Do you love me? ”
Seeking its own depth till the hour of separation,
Love rushing replies-“I love you” in a flurry.

14. Love me not, if my musings seem more than a venial discord,
A face to set the heart aflutter, takes a lifetime,
In dalliance let not our dreams stay vaulted,
Let's step on to a star, dropp me home, come- tuck me in bed!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, June 6, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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