Michelle Sam

A Woman's Anthem - Poem by Michelle Sam

You think you got me hooked son, mind, body, and soul
Better think again boy and don't let your hot water run cold
If you can't bring a smile to my beautiful face each and every day
Then you better step off and find your self some other fool to play

Love don't come to my heart that damned easy, can you hear me?
If you want me to show love to you, then you better endear me
There are too many men in this world for me to lose myself to you
I can easily get you off of my mind, that ain't nothing hard to do

Love is like a merry go round son, you can get on, or you can get off
But thinking you got me losing my breath, will choke and make you cough
I guess it's the sign of the times, because I'm not following your shadow
But you can flip a coin in a wishing well and want it to be true though

You see this is 2012 and there's no time for any games and toys
You aren't the only cat to play with, when there's so many boys
I'm an independent woman; I can buy my own diamonds and pearls
If you're looking for a jump off, then you better find another girl

Love is to be cherished and being in love is a sacred thing
So I'm not giving it freely because you pushed me HIGH on that SWING
The love I have to give is for a man worthy of my affection
So I just can't give it to any man that sings me an A and B selection

Ta Ta little boy cause you're not showing me what a man should be
So stop tripping, check yourself and swing that thing to another tree
It's not right to dose out love every now and then, or in between
Therefore, keep that with the little girls, because this woman is a Queen

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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