MoonBee Canady

' A Woman Who Grew Into A Rose ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

(A Poem For 21st Century Women # 2)

(Prov.31: 10–31 / Prov.18: 22 / Matt.13: 10–15)

A Woman Who Grew
Into A Rose
Remains In GOD’s Garden
… and Grows

Her Heartbeats Blossoms
Opens To Disclose
The Prettiest, Feminine

A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose
Her Fresh–Faith Fragrance
Wafts and Flows …

… into A Knowledge
Of Heaven–Scent
She Offers Her Keen
Spiritual–Sense …
(Prov.31: 26)

… which Intoxicates
A Wise Man’s Nose
with Each Blissful Breeze
… Benevolence Blows
(Prov.31: 11,12,28)

& A Woman Who’s Grown
Into A Rose
Stems To Sister Roses
Leaves of Sacred Prose
(Prov.31: 15)

Yes, There Are Lilies, Orchids
& Magnolia–Blooms
and Such Unique Flora
Has Their Trace–Perfume

… Lavenders, Gardenias
& Honeysuckle Aromas
Are Also Potent Enough
To Revive Fainting Comas
(Prov.31: 29)

But Many Wild Roses
In Many Rows & Rows
Are Limited In Layers
… No Cultivation Shows

For A Rose To Impress
Must Be Pruned & Dressed
& When Beautifully Blessed
Is Like A Flower–Empress! *
(Prov.31: 29,30)

& A Woman Who Grows
Into A Caring Rose
Is More Than An Ornament
With Ribbons & Bows …

She Is A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose
& Is Ready To Reap
What She Wisely Sows

& A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose
Can Rest At Peace
In Sweet Repose

A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose …
Away – Away! …
Pain Thorns She Throws

Away – Away! …
Her Fears Are Froze
‘Till GOD Will Crush
All Her Foes …

… A Rose Seed Was Buried
‘Till In Humility
The Rose Would Rise Up
In Grateful Modesty

So A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose
Was Born To Believe
Resurrections’ Roles

Tho’ Other Flowers
Could Do – She Suppose
None Quite Spread Unfolded
… Like A Rose

… in Trust & Courage
& Edges Exposed
Yet Will Not Wilt
Because of Woes …

& Rivers & Rainstorms
& Mountain Streams
The Roots of The Rose
… Have Drank From These

But Twas’ Crystal Fountains
& One Drop of Christ’s Blood
Gave Deep Wells of Life
To Dark-Red Rosebud …

… The Rose – Arches True
To Shafts of Light
& Rises To Glory
In The Morning’s Might

A Woman Who Grows
Into A Rose
Revels In Soft Grass
Between Trail – Toes …

… while Reaching For Delights
and Bright Rainbows
She Is Ever GOD’s …
Dewy–Eyed Rose

… Yes, It Was GOD
Who Lovingly Chose
A Woman Like Me
As A Landscape-Rose

& A Woman Who Grows
Into A Godly Rose
In Moonlit-Gardens
Mercy–Miracles … Glows

(‘Till Everybody Knows
… She Is A Rose)
That GOD Looks After
… and Grows

Written & ©: 12/21/2011

By: The MoonBee
(A Woman Who Grew Into A Rose)

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