Robert Burgan

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Abacus - Poem by Robert Burgan

Torn between suicide or melodramatic excess
Made my grand exit and nobodies seen the present
Tense, because I'm tepid I should share my lessons
The truth is my mood shifts from ruthless to tempted
Left resin in the hole where I slept a million nights
Conversed with a shadow asked it to kill the light
I'm a maniac playwright disguised as a socialite
Ingest her sublingual, believe it will be alright
Forming like sporophyte, wanting to see more of life
Crush redemption and use my screams as a sound bite
I don't even know how to write to be likeable
Drown spite; look nice, my smile is affable
I'm barely even palpable, I'm turning erotic
Never cared for wild, her screams are harmonic
They make me want it, she is pneumonic
My lungs fill with blood as I lay down my product

Decided on excess, now watch me sketch sets
Of stanzas, I handle each word like a drill press
The gamma rays penetrate brains, paint a portrait
My ideas are Gauss and my records are Oersted
Create something new, stay true, never forfeit
The industry is corporate, lyricisms dormant
Inject aqua fortis it's time to go to war kids
Get behind me, I value your endorsements
I'll be immortal with recordings everlasting
Notwithstanding, a habitat of bad dreams
Her smile is enchanting, her voice is relaxing
Her aura is adorable I'm desperate for her brass ring
Give me a chance to relapse on her euphoria
Phantasmagoria, morphine noria
Delivering a feeling that's borderline delirious
Chasing her through the clouds is my favorite experience

So where do I go from here? ?
I want someone to tell me
I've been living life, I've been getting healthy
Bigger than yesterday
Better than the past I've lived
Sitting on the sidelines focusing on abstinence
While people draw their happiness on maps, I see the practices
Looking at my architrave I'm stuck without an abacus
An addict is an acronym for disaster and pallidness
All they do is place us in a dome and leave us trapped within
Getting on a tangent, so I'll switch up the caduceus
Every day I'm still feeling hungry man I'm ravenous
I want to be successful; I want to get the name out
Want to build a fan base and exercise my strength
Demons beat the hum drum I ate the crow
No matter how hard it got I told you I was good to go
I still exist, I miss you but I know you've switched
I'm still a walking enigma that can quickly turn into a risk

Search for my abacus
Before the tragic hits

Topic(s) of this poem: pain, tragedy

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