Abandoned! ! !

Rating: 5.0

I peeped out of the window
to the sundry path,
on the sides of which were old fir trees,
I felt as if from centuries,
I was devoid of the rays of Sun:
After those long gloomy after-noons,
which seemed synonymous to dark nights,
Today I opened my eyes
to witness a day, so young.

They say, that every dark night
is followed by a bright day,
But what if the sun turns its face,
and leaves day on its own fate...
the Sun abandoned Day,
For her pride had made her arrogant...
And, while her glory was on peak,
she forgot the one,
who brought her to this day.

Sun went out of sight,
to make her realize,
How much important was he,
in her life, for without him,
She was only next to night...
With swollen eyes and heavy heart
Not moved her tongue for a single time;
She kept longing for him,
all night and night...

Each passing day seemed like a decade,
and when hours, days and seasons went past,
Day decided to bare her heart-
She cried, she yelled, she said him mean,
For she was young and drunk in her glory,
but being so mature, how could he be so cold,
And, when the rain had drenched the earth,
when chicks of birds were dying fast,
Came Sun smiling from the east...

None of them spoke a word,
But resumed to their work,
for each of them knew,
who faltered at what time...