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Towards Jaisalmer...

Life exists in a variety of forms,
Nature nurtures it as per its norms;
Imagine life in the absence of water,
Without green leaves and spring shower.

Life exists in a lifeless form,
with barren land, plenty of thorn;
As far as vision can penetrate,
Trees are rare and spikes saturate.

Sand dunes rising high and falling low,
Sterile rocky mountains grow;
Sheep grazing scanty vegetation,
Yellow flowers question authority of sun.

Houses appearing and disappearing,
Cloth-clad women with pitchers running;
Nature plays its games around,...

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Of Life

Pales, dries, it falls on the grass,
A gust of wind opens the door to past;
As it descends and kisses the ground,
Aches my heart, with a sigh profound.

Fraction of a second it takes, goes on leave,
leaving reminiscences behind embraces peace;
I wonder, is there another sky to see,
Where, our soul flies on a virgin spree.