After My Funeral Is Through!

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I believe, I am dead my dear friend,
For I can see you roaming around;
And in spite of my continuous call,
You neither hear nor sense them at all.

I know you are gonna bury me soon,
and dispose my belongings in store room;
May be you will donate one or two of them,
To the beggar sitting at the corner of lane.

But that old pink pullover of mine,
And that red scarf with white line;
Why did you put them in garbage bin?
I know they are old with holes within.

But, I thought you liked them as you liked me, didn't you?
And wished to keep them even after my funeral is through.

Shelly Shelly 15 August 2009

hii.. really some nice thoughts..n nice topic

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Prerna Mathur 01 December 2008

soooo true..... frivolity of life.....

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Sai Bhardwaj 01 December 2008

Muahhhh to ur poem oyiee motti write a song for me please will you...? ? ? ?

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Joseph Poewhit 01 December 2008

All returns to the dust eventually

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Neha Aradhye 01 December 2008

Loved it.. Just great... Very true! ! 10+

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