garima shekhar

Abc - Poem by garima shekhar

wht made us betray...
is something out of the way..
hw will i manage to live vidout the voice tht smile...
hw vidout him will i travel mile..
for the one who was mah love mah life...
n nw whn he has left
its like mah heart is kept on the tip of the knife..
i wld tk in evry wrd he wld say.
may god grants me vid his togetherness again its the onlly thng i cn pray.
hes mah hero..the wisest of the wise.
n in mah mind abt him no suspisions evr rise/
hes rite vid evrythngs he say..
i din hear me n thts the reason i hav to pay.
i wnt the frnd back.
no crevices n no cracks..
i svr i will listen to u...
cm bk mah dear friend..
n ths time i wont let u leav till mah last end..
i will b brave, ,
bt u don leav till mah grave...
cm bk cm bk..
or open the door for me to enter it..
if only u want me thr a bit....
u r the sun of my day.
the moon of my night.
i want u bk vid tht face whch carried a smile bright!
tht teasing, learning, playing. n laughing.
whch nw i cant find.
oh god return me bk
all those b a bit kind! ! ! ! ! ! !
he was caring like my mum...
wld lst to me as sis...
wld scld like a dad..
n his absnc has made me so sad...
hes n angel of mine...
sm1 frm gods side..
he din waited for me as the tide, , ,
i loved him n will continue to do so.
no matter svrl years pass in a row.
he has left me vid sm beautiful memories.
all of them so divine n pure..
my heart is all wounded
n i don want cure.
i will satnd here waiting for u frevr if frevr wht it waits.
n i prms will nvr repeat those traits! !

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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