Poetic Philosopher

Abc's Of Heartbreak

A once strong willed man has started to crumble
Booming with an ummoveable voice he starts to mumble
Cowardly and pathetic is what you can call him now
Disappointed to the point hes asking himself why and how
Everythings gone south and why things are out of place
For all hes ever done is put a smile on your face
Giving up reality and his sanity to fill you with everlasting bliss
Hoping that in the end he wont return to his incomprehensible stygian abyss
In the end hes standing there gazing upon the dark night
Judging whether its better to just die in the dark or return to the light
Knowing that the future is all but filled with more turmoil
Learning that his emotions are numb by shocks of pains's recoil
Making a life like this will become a difficult task indeed
Needlessly if hes going to succeed he has to freed
On the loose and out to regain his former glory
Progressing until he meets his wanted outcome to his life's story
Questioning all that comes into his life unexpected
Realizing that for years his heart has been unprotected
So as time passing on he starts to fall to his knees
Thinking about how things flew past him like a bypassing breeze
Unknowingly followed by chaos and a mind filled with depressing thought
Void from happyiness he is filled with endless distraught
Wanting answers he pursues the questions from his youth
X-pecting the worse he builds the strength to open the doors of truth
Yet when the dust settles he sees people with their disguise and lies
Zenith once in his prime now on the bottom of the food chain he now cries

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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