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Seven Disney Princesses And Their Loyal Knight

Always perceived as a good for nothing slave
Some even thought I was a prehistoric caveman in its cave
While constantly saying that I’m just used and abused
Well I refuse to let them ignite my fuse
Because despite the lies they will finally open their eyes
And realize that behind the gate of truth there’s a big and utter surprise
For they are not my masters nor owners but simply seven damsels in distress
So I detest to confess that I’m blessed to be in the presence of these princess
Now let me some it up with a brief summary
About glory in seven different ways but in one simple story
For I’m sorry that I wasn’t there in time
I’m sorry that I lied and said everything would be fine
And now look at yourself your sleeping with beautiful grace
Oh I hope that your dreaming of a better place
Were life finally rids itself of hatred and fear
A place where people realized that fate and destiny, they can steer
Because through all that I’ve learned, you taught me to be strong
And you’re the reason why I have survived this long
You broke me down, and created a man out of me
You opened my eyes, closed my ears to the lies and told me to look at what I see
You’ve helped this little bird, grow up and finally fly from his nest
You’ve helped me overcome many overwhelming test
So my Dear Aurora lie down and rest your eyes tonight
For ill find the cure to wake you from your endless nights
Don’t you worry, don’t you cry – just rest you little mind
Because I know that this world is cruel and unkind
And that torment has your tears floating in the thin air
Causing you to stand there with a blank stare
Looking and drifting off into the space above
For I know that your heart has been broken by the blows of love
So hear me when I say that I’ll make things better
That’s the whole purpose why I’m writing this letter
Just to say that Ariel it’s okay to cry
So go on and let your tears run dry, I’ll burden it all and that’s no lie
Because just like Flounder I’ve been by your side since the start of it all
Ever since that night when you gave me an unexpected call
And just like Sebastian, I criticize your opinions
But I’m still just one of your loyal minions
So Bella if you can hear me this instant
I just want to say that I feel so distant
I can barely feel the beauty that calmed this beast
I’ve searched far and wide; I’ve searched from the south to the north to the west and to the east
Oh I need you right now and I need your wonderful personality
For you were able to bring me back to this reality
And I thank you for being able to calm this monstrosity
I thank you for being able to stop my catastrophe
Because Mulan you showed me what happens when I’m not who I am
You taught me that I don’t have to be too protective like a clam
That I can ease up and finally open up my heart
Release this pain that in time would have torn me apart
For you helped me endure and move towards living another day
While showing me that there is always a better way
From my shoulder, you were the one who pulled out this painful knife
And awaken the inner beauty of this soulless life
Because from you I learned to fight for what I want
You showed me that it’s not proper to always flaunt
You live with what you get and what you earn
A lesson that most people never understand and learn
That’s why Jasmine you were a role-model in my eyes
For you fought for what you wanted no matter how many tries
Giving me the courage to finally take a leap of fate
Walk out the door and proceed to the starting gate
Taking hold of this helm and steering this boat towards my future
Because no longer will I be that injured creature that you have to nurture
So as you’re flying on your magic carpet, it’s okay if you let down your guard
And let me burden it all, even if in the end I’m emotionally scarred
For Cinderella I know the pain and suffering that you had to endure
That had you hoping and wishing that there was some kind of cure
With enough power to put a smile on your face and rid yourself of tears
But just remember the only thing holding you down is nothing but your fears
So I promise that in time you will come to realize that which makes you smile
Things in life that grow accustomed and can handle your unique sense of style
Just don’t forget that which makes you who you are
For it wasn’t me but you who became your guiding star
I was just the outer supporting arm and a shoulder to cry on
In your evolution from an ugly duckling to a beautiful and graceful swan
Now as I look back onto the past that we have made
I realize that I’m not afraid to let down my masquerade
And like I said to you before there is only two words that I would ever assign
Words that simply say you’re Graciously Divine

“To the very end of my time I promise to be by your side. Never will I stray into the shadows and will always be there for you in your time of need. You are my sisters and I gladly give my life to protect you.”

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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