Above The Clouds Poem by Myrtle Thomas

Above The Clouds

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts rise as the clouds
ever moving to new heights
hidden by cobwebs in dark corners of a mind
teardrops lay hidden and ready
as rain falls from the eyes
as the earthquakes so does my soul
shakes and trembles, with hurt like black coal
O to be forgetful and not think on such things
but that cannot be as my heart and eyes sting
why can't those clouds up above move me too?
and take me to places that are bright and not so
cold and blue!
I in my illness am lowly, hard and broken
my substance seems blown
is my mind unaware of who is above the clouds?
he who can make right the wrong I've done and felt
bent and crumbling a fractured old soul
wasting my life just seeing the clouds up above go

where comes my physician, my King?
riding on clouds I'm waiting to be set free
delivered by blood drops from Christ my King
if he finds me worthy to live again
I am now just a dying pot of old clay

for Adam and Eve messed up immortality
at least until Christ Jesus calls from those clouds
all of our life hangs by a thread
we have to realize judgement we all should dread
and so I in my desperation of hopeful Holy dreams
watch the clouds above and wait on my King.

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: spirituality
Sharon Smith 08 January 2013

Just lovely. I have one similar..'Never let me go'. Thankyou again. Regards...Sharon.

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