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' I Knew A Man Who'

The coldness of the season
equals the contents of a cruel heart.

Depression's Desperate Name

How hard my heart does reel!

A Stone's Throw

eyes like two cold blue stones

And Two Become One

' one stands lonely ' in the world

Beautiful Dreamer

Loveliness lies upon your face

Corny Kind Of Love

Bless The Beast And The Children

The lion and the panther
ferocious, wild in heart and mind

A Child Of Zero And Six

Color Me

Burnt Offerings

hot embers stepped on by barefoot

As The Star Falls

Like the tail of a comet

A Teardrop In Time

Time dries the tear drops
into diamond dust.

Ambrosia 's Wine

dark the night as a licorice kiss

A Poet's View

Oh to write! of beautiful things

In the soft song of a evening breeze
or the hurricane winds howling
the whisper to come ' dance the dance
walk the walk.'

Thoughts rise as the clouds
ever moving to new heights
hidden by cobwebs in dark corners of a mind
teardrops lay hidden and ready


Hidden in a crowd
we all stand alone

Cherry Blossoms

unavoidable the outcome is woe!

A Song In The Wind

Softly and smoothly the wind sings it's song
as time and memories move and pass on

A Test Of Love

My heart raced and for an instant I held my breath

Myrtle Thomas Biography

Myrtle Thomas has been writing for over twenty years and has four self-published poetry books. She has been included in four volumes of ' Otherwise Engaged Literary and Art Journal ' and in ' the Writers and Readers Magazine. Myrtle is a member of, you can find her under the Penn Name Blue2U)

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' I Knew A Man Who'

' I Knew A Man Who'

The coldness of the season
equals the contents of a cruel heart.
Unable to give of himself
stingy is the equity stored deep within.
Eyes dead to vision, lack luster of life,
a touch cold and uncaring.

Warmth passed in the winter's bitter cold,
attractiveness you were blessed by God.
Although self absorbed vanity cost you so much more.

Trips you have gone on and some you will yet take,
the road map is telling you that your so very lost

Some have tried to reach you, with soft lamb skin gloves.
But distance is unreachable behind a hearts cold- cold bars.
How cold is a deadman? is your breath a frosty breeze?
Cold blooded humanity fed by your silver spoon!

No weeping of tear drops ' to hear of your demise.For no one could touch
you with their heart or their eyes.
You've been a dead man walking for so many years.

'Surely I'm not alone to know someone like this'.

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