Emma Ravenhill

Absent State Of Mind - Poem by Emma Ravenhill

It is said that absence makes the heart stronger, but does it? They had been dating for a year and felt closer than anything upon the earth. However, he was leaving in less then a month, and she had no idea. One night while they were walking on the beach, just as they always did, he turned her around and stared deeply into her eyes. Immediatley she knew something was wrong. 'What is it? ' she asked, holding onto both of his hands so tightly the circualtion began to cut off. 'We need to talk about something, ' he replied, his eyes had not left staring at hers. She felt that familiar lump grow in her throat and she felt tears start to form in her eyes. 'Whatever it is, I'll change. I'll do anything! Baby, please don't break up with me! ' she yelled at him, almost falling to her knees, ready to beg. He looked at her with a puzzled face and whiped the tears away from under her eyes. 'I'm not breakng up with you, ' he whispered, 'I'm moving away.' Her body began to collpase. First her knees became weak and then her legs gave in and she fell into his arms. Her heart was heavy and her body felt like it was being broken. 'Away from me? You're moving away from me? ' she barely managed to ask. 'It's not my fault! My parents...You get it, 'he replied and she felt the pain from is heart at the back of his words. She managed to pull herself back up so she could stare into his eyes. She saw tears starting to form in his eyes and so they started to form in hers as well. His warm hand brushed away the tears off of her bright red cheeks. Her lips pecked away each tear that fell upon his. The remaining days seemed to pass by as if they were mere hours and it was the day that he was moving. She leaned against the door of his car, trying to block him, so he couldnt leave. She closed her eyes and felt his hands on her face, 'You'll see me soon, I promise...' he whispered only loud enough for her to hear. Their lips met and this became the last kiss that they would share. At first, calling each other every night helped them feel closer. It would have to make due. The days passed into months and nothing got any easier.They were meeting new people, becoming new people, and it wasnt working. Finally it was time for her to go out to visit him. He met her at the airport and they shared a most passionate embrace. 'I've missed you, ' he whispered as her head was on his chest.
'I missed you too! ' she exclaimed. She felt warm all over again.The feeling ofh is arms around her, the smell of his sweaters upon her, the feeling of him being around was finally back. Immediatley, he introduced her to all of his new friends and her view of his life changed. To say the very least, they were different from who his friends were back home. The things they said, the way they talked, and the way they acted; more important the way he acted changed her views. It was time for her to go home, and he went to kiss her, but purposly she coughed; she didn't want to taste the tobacco in his mouth. 'Call me when you get home, ' he called to her as she boarded the plane. She nodded and blew him a kiss. What had happend to the boy she loved with all of her heart? Why had he gone and made something so awful of himself, in less than a few months? She got home and didn't call him. Laying in her bed, hugging her favorite velvet pillow, she cried. She cried and cried for what seemed to be hours upon hours. She had come to a conclusion. She picked up the phone and dialed his number. 'Hey baby! ' he happily answered. 'Hi, ' she replied but didnt finish, ' Listen, I need to talk to you about something.' He paused and his stomach started to feel heavy. 'Yes? ' he asked her, wanting the verdict as fast as possible. 'It's over...' she paused, 'I can't do this anymore. Not feeling you here all the time, seeing what you've become. I can't take this! ' she cried to him. 'I understand...' he said in an emotionless whisper. 'I'm sorry...' she replied, weeping. 'I'll always love you, ' he sighed, trying not to cry. 'You know I'll always love you, forever, ' she paused, 'Goodbye, ' she finished and hung up the phone. Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire. Although they thought their love was strong, the spark, or the fire of their love was only a candle, and the wind of absence made it dissapear.

- yes i know it's a short story, but whatbetter opinion comes from poets?

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  • Matt Mooney (5/8/2010 11:37:00 AM)

    I enjoyed reading this excellent short story.Check out the Writers' Week Listowel website.They have a famous short story competition.I love your piece about the candle and the bonfire! (Report) Reply

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