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Born in Kilchreest, Loughrea, Co. Galway in 1943, he took up a teaching position in Listowel in 1966.

His first book of poetry 'Droving' was launched at Writers' Week, Listowel in 2003.
He read at The Baffle Festival, and the West Cork Literary Festival and in Victoria, Canada. His poem ‘The Instrument’ was read on Radio One by Ciarán Mac Ma ...

Matt Mooney Poems

Always Eighteen

The clearness of a dream
I had in bed last night
Has dimmed at dawn-
I'm awake and looking west,


Goodbyes at the open front door
On a Sunday morning in Summer;
An aeroplane shines in the sun;
At home I can learn about solitude.

I Ask Myself

What’s that?
That sound from the wood!
Does that bare tree complain a lot?
It does not!


Scents of the Summer, incense to his senses,
The boy walks barefoot most of the way.
By hills of furze bushes above the soft bog,
Though ever so slowly the river flows free

Alive By The Lee

A tall man bends low,
While there is time,
To pick up a lost coin
Lying in the bus lane,

Matt Mooney Quotes

19 November 2014

'Now it's Nature's turn to suffer, All the shame is our's alone'.

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Bri Edwards 03 April 2018

i 'have to' read his Snakes Alive. and i shall if this computer? /site? cooperates! ! ! i must! ! ! it/they must! ! ! :)

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