Accept My Sympathy Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Accept My Sympathy

Rating: 4.2

In all sincerity
It is a pathetic pity
I merely offer sympathy
With such velocity
This sadness born out of the blue
That decides to levy itself on you

In your fixed stillness
I sense your illness
Accept my sympathy

You lost a pet
Somebody made you upset
Accept my sympathy

You lost a friend
Your broken heart is yet to mend
Accept my sympathy

You were once abused
Possibly at times wrongly accused
Accept my sympathy

You marriage is on the rocks
You got divorced, left without a buck
Accept my sympathy

You lost a fortune
Your voice can't sing a decent tune
Accept my sympathy

You lost in love or lost your job
Or perhaps at one stage got robbed
Accept my sympathy

Your life is a mess
Everything around you depresses

Whatever the circumstances
Accept my sympathy
And if I happen to show no sympathy
Please accept my sympathy!

Daniel Simiyu 09 June 2014

A nice and inspiring poem. I appreciate its show of sympathy in various condition.

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Jake Erkens 10 March 2009

Hall! Wie gehts? Well, I've got to say that this is an excellent poem. I checked out your web site..Great poems, your a real poet. I really enjoyed them. Thanks a lot for sharing them. Accept My Sympathy is really good. Keep up the good work. Bist dann, Davke

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Abbey Rigney 04 January 2009

This is truly an inspiring poem. Very nicely written. I love it.

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