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Accept Your Blight - Poem by John Hess

As he walks the path he remembers her;
Old memories and new, come crashing in a blur.
As he walks the path lost in thought;
Something watches and whispers, careful not to be caught.

Cold this night the chill bites deep;
In the pain of failure, he begins to weep.
Cold this night it approaches unseen;
The words 'let her go' echo unclean

He stumbles and turns woken from thought;
What was that, 'who's there? ', he spoke and sought.
He stumbled, it faded, from sight it hid
'Let her go, ' it whispered, 'yours she's not, it's forbid.'

He peers deep in the night, finding nothing but air;
'The voices' he thought, 'why should they care?
'Let her go, ' it echoes, carried by the breeze
'Let her go' he thinks, 'how could they tease? '

Heavy sigh in his heart, he wonders 'why? ';
'Why have you forsaken me? ' As he looks to the sky.
Have I not done everything, all that you asked? '
'Living faithful to one, that was my task.'

It's smile hidden from his eyes by the night;
It's eyes widen, waiting for the time to be right.
'Give in, ' it whispers, holding fast;
'Let her go now, so your suffering wont last.'

'How can I! ? I love her.' To knee he fell;
'How can I? I'll die. If you can please tell.'
From the shadows it emerged, the darkest of black;
Fear gripped him in place as he tried to draw back.

Forward it came, wicked smile it shown;
Forward it came and spoke in a low tone.

'Now the time has come for you to know,
That I thy being shall not go.
The time has come for you to plead,
For I thy being will not leave.'

'Death is thy answer but life's thy way,
What will happen is for me to say.
So from the gates of hell I have risen
To destroy your life if you do not listen.'

'The pain you feel I can take it away;
Replaced with warmth if you do as I say.
The pain you feel fires deep inside you;
A cold still calm could be something new.'

Tears upon his cheeks he lowered his head;
Heart pounding loudly then he said,
'Life without her is hell, I miss her so;
So to relieve this pain what must I undergo? '

Slowly it approaches as the night parts way
Panic grips him and he begins to say.
But the being of night lifts its cold dead hand
Silence for now is what it commands

'Let her go, ' it hisses, now by his side;
'Let her go, no longer is she your bride.'
It places its hand upon his chest;
Heart pounding frantically, will soon come to rest.

'Mi bella esposa, ti quiero tanto.'
His pain and fear begins to go.
'Better off she is without you in sight, '
'Better off you are, Accept Your Blight.'

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