John Hess

Alone I Stand It Seems

I cried the day we wed, standing before all to see;
My wife you became, the woman of my dreams.
On the birth of our son, holding him in my arms;
I cried there silently, scared for no harm to come.

During our second pregnancy, distance separated us-I sighed;
His calling lifted our child to the heavens, no time to say good-bye.
Our third a fighter she was, the tiniest for all to see;
As I looked down into her eyes, it's you that smiled back at me.

14 yrs ago I swore that I will always love you, this I never lied;
Funny how time changes all things, but my love has never died.
Now we stand at the crossroads, which way will you turn;
I hope and pray to GOD Almighty, my direction is where you yearn

Foolish I was to think that we would never change in time;
But knowing that things could be ending, brings a cold chill down my spine.
I think of the summer of 98, frightened and afraid to talk;
Should I tell you how I feel, or simply let you walk?

I pulled my courage tight than, wrapped it all around me;
With a prayer to the maker above, I confessed for all to see.
To my surprise that day ago, you felt the same-we laughed;
Together we opened the doors to the world, you became my better half.

But it seems that time has played a joke, grabbed our love and ran;
Hid it deep in the darkened abyss, how lonely will I stand?
I know that I love you, I feel it deep within my soul;
It pulls at me in one direction, can you feel it on your knoll?

I remember a time in the climate of my dreams;
Your voice was my beacon, it guided me through all things.
And there in my dreams you held me so close;
Together we laughed, no worries, no woes.

Now the words come crashing back, 'I don't love you that way no more.'
My body and mind has been ripped, will we ever be restored?
I know what I want, but getting there seems a dream;
Can we make it together or is it now a wishful melodic theme?

We fight; I can't kid myself, so much as of late;
The words cut with such sharpness, what will be our fate?
My heart is yours now, as it was that day ago;
Always calling for you, no other, can you feel its tow?

Alone I stand it seems, although together for now we are;
But the passion and love have faded into a dying star.
Your light that guiding me for so many years I know;
Replaced by bitter sorrow, your warmth no longer glows.

Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 21, 2012
Poem Edited: Saturday, October 27, 2012

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