Brooke Harms

Advice I Once Gave - Poem by Brooke Harms

The doctor can't give a cure unless you prove your illness; the hospital won't take you in surgery can't help this.
When you've got a broken soul and a further damaged heart I'm sorry to say that keeping the mask on is a very delicate art
The tears and fears of losing all you have come knocking at your door, you realize the knocking is them leaving you and really nothing more
Try and stop to take a breath of the newly found air, you just lost the pain and suffering of that relationship beyond repair
Your free from the cheating, the mood swings and the harsh comments to, they can kiss all the people they want because they are no longer hurting u
Look at your life right now though spinning out of control, what do you see that was never there because they had you in their hold
You see the free and happy in every single moment, you have your friends and faith with you so keep it close and hold it
One thing you're not losing and that you'll always have, through break-ups death and even life it's something you don't know you had
You have the love in your heart though hiding it may seem, for yourself your body your feelings and even your beliefs
You were never really theirs and they still can't have you now, you're free so live like it and perform your life so you can end it with a bow
I'm not letting you stop right here you've already gone so far and I know if I help you as you helped me this really won't be hard
I'll love you with my heart and soul and god along with your family will to so stop crying and wipe those eyes... and
Start tomorrow anew

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 12, 2012

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