Brooke Harms

Missing - Poem by Brooke Harms

the dawns sweet caressing in the cold winter day break. this i wake up to praying your body was here to distract me from the ice in the wispering wind. your arms wraped like a bow tieing up all my fake smiles and faux laughter. i wake up to a over whelming scence of dream, as if i am more asleep than i have ever been. living in past actions i follow my mornings scenes. a blur of plaid and navy white gleaming paint and leather seats flood my daydreams as i cross the sea of cars and asphalt. the soft click of the rubber soles of my dollar shoes lul me to the door. my books, my folders, my normal stair route and my class room, but none of you. my normal desk, my normal school work, nothing different. walking through my mind i bring forth some piece of you i have with me, when i miss you most. i search until i am lost in a forest of memory vines and thoughts sprouting into knowlegde storing tips and lessons in green leaves. i get lost in day dream, sure that if someone were to look into my deep brown mud puddle eyes you'd see words and thought processes, sure that if you were to lean forward you would fall into my soul itself through my black paint pupils. i find past peices of him, and shattered peices of him, but none of you. my mind closes me out as if im a prowler instigating it with out official grant. tears whell up striking my eye lashes and breaking my thoughts. i focus on a small fragment of my minds capturing of your eyes. they are never steady, and often staring off in though of their own. i think of wanting to force my eyes to meet yours, keeping you and i level. fixing up the courage and audacity to drain my cheeks of colour and not look away. to see every hue of blue in your eyes and drown my self in memories of just that. calming me, and leaving my tears dry and unfallen. simple and drasticly breathtaking, your eyes are my memory of you. if you ever went away, for good, leaving me in every way known, your eyes would stay with me. they would be my blue when all is brown and red with fall. they will be my sign of warmth when all of my summer is lost in snow dunes and ice shards. dark lullabys of stars singing in the night canvas sky. this i fall asleep to. wishing your body was here, to keep me warm in my sleep. your eyes, always in my dreams, just as they are tonight.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 12, 2012

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