^ * ^ Advice To A Hurt Mother ^ * ^ Poem by Ria Rose

^ * ^ Advice To A Hurt Mother ^ * ^

Rating: 2.9

Let not the tears flow out
keep them safely within
to wash away the wound
so fresh and painful
Festering deep within you
All the more bruising
as the stab was very sudden
and ever so unexpected.

Your own child, a slice of your soul,
has left you forlong and taken a toll
of your life support and you bleed
with the deadly impact of an injury
given without a weapon.
Just a few words, harshly spoken,
Shake your world, now totally broken.
But why? You were the instrument
to give birth to a new human spirit
you were the agency to provide
free board and lodging
till the traveler was ready to stay

Now he has decided he has found his way;
The tiny bird has grown
it will try out its own
the strength of its feathers and wings;
So, though you’re hurt, let him go, because
this is life’s usual course.

Surya . 24 June 2009

oh! beautifully expressed anguish of mother. but one thing we are only caretakers in some way as god only provides for every one.good write voted10 surya

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maggie murray 23 June 2009

A wonderful write about letting a child go...loved it...Maggie

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