After A Funeral Poem by Andrew Dabar

After A Funeral

Only minutes remain
In this the final day
With so much left to say
Under the orange pink sky
Through the twinkling firefly
Riding a bike through this town
I shift the Kawasaki down
Then slowly turn around
At Kelly's Point, Riviera Drive
A grove of mimosa sweetens the brackish air
And two rusty ships on the Delaware
Mind their own business
With none to witness
A mourner
Choked with salty tears
As I remember all the years
Life passing before my eyes in mere seconds

Without you...

Heaviness, full throttle now
Adrenaline throbbing in my veins
Loud and strong as the piercing sorrow revving in my heart
Faster and faster
The wind rushing through my hair
Like time so fast
Filling my lungs, yet leaving me breathless

Occasionally as I grow older
I peek over my shoulder
Missing the boy of yesterday
So tonight, at twilight, I went to visit him
He stood there, innocent, summer-tanned, smiling, waving to me
Just outside that secret door
(Closed now forever more)
Where you first invited me in
Albizia julibrissin
To your pink silk flower

And now
Best friend
(That's what you should've been)
The memories fill the air
Sweet as the honeysuckle
They are flashing here and flashing there
Like the lightening bugs everywhere
And the crickets are playing the music of my heart
A stringed symphony that is purple like the sky
A hymn that says goodnight
In the morning light
This page will have turned over to a new chapter
Of not so happily ever after
I loved you with a love as strong as all the years
Of your giving and giving
You are no longer living
Tomorrow I will reap the harvest
Of irreplaceable loss
I should've said something sooner
These words are nothing but dross
Andrew Dabar

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