Andrew Dabar Poems

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A Kiss Goodbye

Another day
And soon, I'll be on my way
To a job that I hate
But I cannot be late


At a quarter past two
Moonlight so blue
Illumines her face
In slumbering grace


She looks at me from across the room, smiles, and looks away again. And then, it's business as usual for her. But my heart, it lifts and sinks. Like a curtain on the breeze. It lifts and sinks again and again.
Andrew Dabar

Lost Sheep

She drops to her knees
And nobody sees
Unless there's a God
In the heavenlies

Hatteras Island

Innocent and unaware
Of all who've been swallowed there
Small children play at the mouth
Of a hungry behemoth

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Sometimes it happens like a dream. Their lips had never met until that moment. Drawing her close, he kissed her carefully, thoughtfully, skillfully, his eyes wide open and locked with hers, brown on blue. They stood in the middle of a high meadow, knee-deep in wild flowers, before falling farther to the ground and further in love, their bodies completely hidden and exposed, both. The green grass, crushed by their weight, bled beneath them, staining their skin.

Yes, he remembers. Her hair was fragrant as clover spread all around; her skin salty and damp in the summer heat; her tongue and breath pink and sweet as mimosa; her fingers soft as a breeze before lifting his shirt like the hay wind. His head was buzzing—or maybe it was the bees swarming.


Thoughts of you fall silently
like flakes of snow throughout the day.
One by one and one on top of the other
they connect, and they stick, and they cover

What She Never Knew

She was leaving. He followed her with his eyes. But his mind got away: it raced around the corner and blocked the exit just in time. She walked into his outstretched arms—straight through his phantom arms—then disappeared just beyond a heavy door. The closing door. The slamming door. The ugly, gray door. The "I'll see you no more" door.

She never knew he was standing there. Breathless. Close enough to brush her hair and agitate her skirt with static blue sparks.

First And Third Person

She entered through one door
As he by another
Did cross a crowded floor
Strangers to each other

The Reality Of Her

The reality of her re-entered my dreams
Reluctantly, permanently
For reasons of nobility
I dismissed her heart from me

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