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After Travelling World So Vast! - Poem by Dave Tanwar

After travelling world so vast,
Angels reached back heaven at last,
Curious god asked how you liked my creation?
Earth that I made out of my imagination!

Beautiful it is, that peace to our heart it bring,
But somehow we felt something from it was missing.
It’s your creation but your essence is not there
Thing that reminds us of you, we find nowhere!

Listening to this god said, is it a test of my imagination?
That you asked me to create something beyond imagination?
But now that you had said, so shall be done!
Beauty that shall be known from Pluto to Sun.

From then god for years wasn’t seen,
No one knew all these years how has he been.
Time to time from his chamber demand do came,
Demands so weird, one wonders if he has gone insane.

Then one day with his creation he came at last,
And said from today beauty shall be the thing of past.
My new creation will redefine beauty and charm,
Whose mere thought will turn cold winter’s warm.

Her presence shall bring heaven on earth,
Where even angels shalllong to take birth.
Her charm is more than any precious wine,
More intoxicating than one that tested virtue of mine.

Her eyes like two glass of champagne kept in case,
And lovely smile of Aphrodite her lips shall embrace.
Skin like rays of sun on fine day of May.
And her sighs, Oh so cold! That’s all I can say.

Art of walking from the sword that strike every heart,
I asked of colour red, Rose out of envy not ready to part.
Thus in my blood, I coloured her crimson lips,
And then of pride I took another sip.

For her scent whole garden of Eden I searched,
But flower mighty of her fragrance was never heard.
From fire I gave her, her glow,
Her creation wasn’t complete, yet started to melt Artic snow.

From my breathe I filled her lungs,
Her voice like hundred nightingale together sung.
From colour of her skin I gave moon amber light,
It’s not me but her, that’s making heaven bright.

Silk I made from residue of her tress,
More can be said of her beauty but more appears less.
In crimson of dawn I painted her cheeks,
That took my entire week.

I wasn’t done yet, but her cast was complete,
I felt like with myself I am trying to compete.
Something more needed to be done I made myself believe,
To complete my art, something more needed to give.

After years of hard work, I was lost again,
Knowing something is missing but not what, is quite a pain.
I wondered what it be may?
But nothing appeared in my mind till yesterday.

Then to complete her I know what to do,
Thus here she stands in front of all of you.
Shocked angels with recent creation of lord,
Could anything be beautiful like this, Oh God!

She is but pure reflection of you,
Who can distinguish when stand together you two.
Winds beware! Touch her not, for you might cause her harm,
Mirror too shall fail to reflect her charm.

Sun on face, moon bright on brow,
Art of god, her every part does show.
Her lips and they give what a lovely smile,
Like whole beauty in her two lips combine.

Her touch softer than any known fur,
Oh god, please do tell of your last ingredient in her.
Her mere shadow start to test our virtue,
There she stands from every part resembling you.

God said; “I thought how can she be mine and I be her? ”
Unless something of mine I put in her.
So I gave her heart of my very own,
To complete the seed of imagination I once sown.

So here is she, in form of me but apart from me,
Whom I created with everything that belongs to me….

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