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From A Lover To His Lover

In the wilderness look at the ray of light
In the far distance, of new dawn when i can see the first sight
Overwhelm me in the embrace of thy frightful love
before fetters bound me in the horrid darkness of the night

When Sun Kissed The Sea

Look at the dusking Sun kissing Sea, so divine
Oh blushing Sea, turning into blood wine
I wonder how long this rapture will last
For how long Sun upon Sea its spell will cast

A Day With Mother

Yesterday morning, when I was sitting on the couch
Eating chocolates and throwing away the pouch
I suddenly heard someone shouting
Oh My God! ! That is my mom flouting

Facebook Poem

Now they say don’t smoke
Rather go to Facebook & Poke

Instead of burning the Ash

Conversing With An Unborn Child

In the dream tonight, I talked with my unborn child
inside from my womb when he looked at me & smiled
my heart was filled with pleasure
the moment of bliss was beyond any measure

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