*agreement Poem by HAZEL Calumarde


Rating: 2.8

all of us teachers
agreed to pause for a while
and find a break
in this long hectic sched,
we all wish
to serve with passion
and love to our profession
we are but simple

we are only looking forward
to live and let others live
in there own ways
as they pass the test
in life that
can never be taught
by any teachers
but we ourselves who wanted it
to be part of ourselves
for we may be teachers but
we are just guides
not the managers of their lives,
we support
but theirs should be the effort.

Hazel Calumarde Cobol 06 February 2009

hello greenwolf, how do you know i'm a teache? . if i'm writing about simple teachers that is all beacause i thought there life is really that simple. and if you are against it because you are also a teacher. then write a poem about it. i will never react. because it's all yours. that's the way you look at it. everyone has it's on way in lookin' things.

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Greenwolfe 1962 06 February 2009

I have never thought of teachers as simple. I believe that the task they perform is monumental. No one can compute their true value in all things. God bless the teacher! GW62

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