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GREENWOLFE 1962 Biography

I was inspired to write poetry after seeing the movie 'Dr. Zhivago', I wrote my first poem in 1970. Influenced by the poetry of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allan Poe; I am one of the few writers in the era of modern poetry who writes in the form I call 'rhythm and rhyme'.
After waiting more than 30 years for 'THE GIFT' of
poetry to arrive, I sat down at the age of 54 and
wrote for the first time with the ability to say
what I wished to say in the way I had long wished
to say it. In the next 18 months or so I wrote
nearly 180 poems.
Today, I am still an unknown and may be called 'an emerging poet' but my style is not new to the readers of poetry. This gives me a natural following among the readers of poetry. I hope and ...

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Joe M.-M. 24 January 2009

I am not trying to be cruel or mean though I undoubtedly might, but you really need to work on your sound. I wrote things like this when I was in the 5th grade, though admittedly, a little less verbose and often with not so much subject matter at my disposal, but quite similar in simplicity. I enjoy your subject matter, but unless your audience is an assembly of the world's 4th graders, please spice it up a little, at least vary your line structure a little. You say you've read Shakespeare and Dickinson, but you're too uniform. Remember that on of the best parts of writing formal poetry, is breaking form to add import or delay understanding from line to line. Without variation, people might (as I admittedly had to fight doing out of respect to you) skip to the end or stop reading entirely. However, as a poet you have every right to continue in any way you wish. I just couldn't continue reading your work without at least voicing this. I really do enjoy the content. A fan (albeit, a critical one)

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Greenwolfe 1962 22 December 2021

My audience is an assembly of 4th graders. The great mass of humanity does read at a 4th grade level. Why would I write only for the 5% of academics who would never read my poetry anyway?

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Myrtle Thomas 02 February 2009

I just want to say that your work inspires me to want to write just to your level, I find you are an excellent writer.I enjoyed it very much.I am new to writing as I just discovered I have a little talent a few months ago.I found my small talent on myspace.Look me up we can be friends on myspace Myrtle Thomas

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I can really say the you are among my favorite poets on PoemHunter.You are a true Master Of The Rhyme and you capture emotions so strongly in your words-I can actually hear a heart break or sense an epiphany-tens and many stars! ! ! ! !

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Ankit Mathur 27 October 2008

sir, you are one of the best writers i have ever known. your poetry really mesmerises the reader to such extent that he cannot (even if he wants) stop reading. and every time a poem is tells something more about you. a are sir. you write beautifully. (though this is an understatement)

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Brenda 15 March 2018

Your words speak to me. Thank you for them.

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Riquetta Elliott 28 December 2011

I don't know if you know, but we message each other before because 20 year old girl critized your poem called the oak tree lol. Anyways I read some of your poems and you still moved me with emotions and thoughts. Continue to write your piece to capture the audience sir. Keep it up! ! ! !

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Roy Gotaas 13 July 2010

'In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! '

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Vaibhav Pandey 08 June 2009

He is one of the best poet I've ever read....Read his work and you'll never get disappointed.

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Great write.. his poems are thoughtful, yet simple.. he understands the power of simplicity.. he is a teacher to me.

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The Best Poem Of GREENWOLFE 1962

A Thing Called Hope

In all worthwhile endeavors,
No matter size or scope.
It shall either have a life,
Or die, a thing called hope.

It all depends on caring.
Those willing to take part.
Hope, to be sustained at all;
Requires a beating heart.

Each heart that God created,
Has value each in turn.
When called upon to voice it,
Don't shrink from your concern.

Its in those special moments,
When life gives you a choice;
You'll either sit in silence,
Or stand and lend your voice.

It's with the inspiration
Derived from what you do.
Others may participate
And make your dream come true.

If you need inspiration
To act on your concern,
Just take note of your children,
And how they come to learn.

They look to you for guidance,
To see what they should do.
How to be a citizen.
Concerned, what do they do?

It's now your time for choosing;
Don't sit, and cry, and mope.
It shall either have a life,
Or die, a thing called hope.

GREENWOLFE 1962 Popularity

GREENWOLFE 1962 Popularity

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