Air Warriors: Pilot Poem by Shipra singh (ships)

Air Warriors: Pilot

Rating: 5.0

The work of warriors is lot,
They do hard work but they nothing got.
They work with unstable time,
They have life without joy and rhyme.
Pilots are invader of death,
For countries wealth and worth.

They are touching kilometres of altitudes,
Because they have no attitude.
Everyone had thinking salary of pilot is high,
This can be interrogatively replied,
Can they become pilot! if not, why?

Expensive clothes of actor,
Like as expensive post of Aviators.
Control direction of flight,
Their decision always be 100% right.

Aviators parents are thinking at beginning of flight for him,
Because pilot are in clouds of Dim.
With hard work you can become,
Fear of flying can be overcome.

I know they are very busy,
But to become pilot it is very easy.
With hard work you must come through,
Your dream of pilot become true.....

Monday, October 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: courage
Pallab Chaudhury 20 October 2018

Hopes a lot Come true when one becomes a pilot.... Nicely symbolized the hope. With best wishes. PC

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 October 2018

With hard work you can become, Fear of flying can be overcome. the theme of hardwork comes often in your poem.. this should be the right attitude. if you have that, you will achieve your goal.. work hard. may God bless you to achieve........ tony

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