Earth Poem by Shipra singh (ships)


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Our planet name 'Earth',
Which is valuable as worth.
Try to make earth acquire,
Cry to make earth make expire

Earth is like arid planet,
We are responsible of this effect,
We can dislike of this effects,
We together can avoid of this affection.

Avoiding of cutting down trees,
Avoiding of burning trees,
Avoiding of killing animals,
We oath together to avoid douse of water.

Water is tasteless,
Life became colourless,
Nature unwelly tuneless,
Flowers become smellless,
Misuse people became unless, ,
Life is like useless.

So, 'please try to save the earth and save the nature'.


We should our earth.A good message.

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Let's save the earth, a good message.

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Daniel Brick 08 June 2017

Your poem is both passionate and lyrical. In your commitment to alerting people to the peril Earth faces you don't forget to highlight the wonders that make her worth saving. It's the fourth stanza that lists what we will lose which contains inside it A Portrait of Beauty - I'll spell out the poem within your poem: Nature sings, Flowers spread sweet aromas, people rejoice in the many colors of Life: We have saved our home! I added the last line because I'm sure you agree we must have HOPE and see Earth

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Siddartha Montik 07 June 2017

As first Two Lines themselves catches me so much Our planet name 'Earth', Which is valuable as worth. A worthy Poem of Nature's Awareness! ! Nice line and expression! -! Wish I am born not as a Human but a Root of this Trees! - Siddartha Montik!

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