Aldorons Doom Poem by Josehf Murchison

Aldorons Doom

Rating: 5.0

I stand upon the precipice of eternity,
before me certain doom.
My mind awash of misery,
all dark and filled with gloom.
The world a place of sorrow,
no man a mind of peace.
Life a burden of the sole,
its perils never cease.
I take a step into the void,
it does not end right there.
I hear the wind whistle,
as it passes through my hair.
The ground is growing closer,
I slowly close my eyes.
I feel the earth rising,
there will be no surprise.

Josehf Lloyd Murchison

Aldorons Doom
Aldorons Doom is a lament in memory of a friend that died at the hands of the court. Living with Schizophrenia he was harassed and tormented beyond endurance by the youth in the small town he lived until one day he drove off his tormentors at the point of a crossbow. These misguided youth decided they had a right to tease my friend and in that belief called the Police claiming they were attacked without provocation. The Police bound by policy and ignorance, arrested my friend and held him over for trial. While in custody and without a comprehensive policy on the treatment of people in custody with mental health issues, he was denied his medication. It wasn't long and he became mentally unable to stand trial. Since he was mentally unable to stand trial he was released into the custody of his family for treatment. On the way to the mental health institute, they stopped at their home to get a fresh change of clothing. He waited in the car as his father was in the house packing fresh clothing. His father was on the way back to the car when he heard the gunshot. My friend had taken his own life. I never knew he lived with Schizophrenia, he never missed taking his medication. It was his medication that kept him stable enough to live a normal life. When he was denied his medication by the courts and custody, they may as well have shot him themselves.
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