Jessica Iboy

Rookie (Los Angeles)

All About Cory - Poem by Jessica Iboy

Oh great I've done it now,
I've got in too deep and i don't know how,
is this all a giant mistake,
the frustrations trying to drown me in a lake,
i want to hurt no one, no one at all,
but if i don't get out soon then I'm gonna fall,
of coarse I'll be caught and right on the dot,
but by the wrong being, in which I'm currently seeing,
I like him a lot and that scares me the the most,
and for someone to know that, jeez I'd be toast,
his thoughts are formidable, and that's really great,
but as you can see this just isn't fate,
I don't want to damage a heart or a soul,
but it's just to hard when it comes to this toll,
around him I'm curtness, not purposely though,
I just want to live, be free, and go,
far away from here I will,
until then he'll stay perfectly still,
and yet i know that i might come back,
for something truly my heart might lack,
but wait, there is a problem with this thought,
what if he denies my heart with a knot,
that would be a nightmare come true,
especially if he finds somebody new,
I'll have to find a way somehow,
I'll be so down that he'll say wow,
but it wont matter at that time,
It's not like leaving is committing a crime,
but in his head it just might be,
I guess we'll just have to wait and see,
but i can wait no longer for him to grow,
the process being is way too slow,
if i thought dating a man was tough,
oh man, just thinking about it is tough enough,
but oh mon dieu he's just so sweet,
and his intelligence level is really neat,
he cares a lot about my feelings,
truly, i cant even conceal things,
we have different views on proper behavior,
come on someone i need a savior,
i know if he reads this he'll take it wrong,
maybe it's because its incredibly long,
that cant be the reason, no it cant,
i can try to run but I'll start to pant,
I'll need some water and a seat too,
but seriously not from you know who,
i know, i think I'm cold hearted,
but what can i do, the freezing has started,
i hate lying to people you know,
even for me this is really low,
how can i do this without being sad,
i know, I'll do it while I'm being glad,
okay i get it, that's really mean,
but what do i do, I'm stuck in between,
right and wrong, and wrong and right,
my god this has kept me up all night,
trying and trying to figure out,
if this is just a minor doubt,
i don't know, I'm so confused,
i need a shrink and some time to think,
maybe that's the problem here,
i think too much its very clear,
what i want is not what I've had,
what i want is really bad,
okay well this is how i feel,
i hope people know that its for real,
this is now the end of my story,
surely you know its all about Cory.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 5, 2012

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