All At Once

Rating: 2.9

All at once I am saddened,
To know I can do nothing,
To stop that which I cannot control.
Knowing it is not right,
Burdens my softened soul.

All at once I am tearful,
To know that a part of life must end,
Without any regret.
It is taken quickly in shadow,
But the heart shan't ever forget.

All at once I am reminded,
Of all I promised to uphold-
Haunting memories of the yesterday,
Plague my tortured heart,
Which hides feelings never to depart.

All at once I am powerless,
To say what lies in my heart-
Voices inside wish to speak,
To cry out in justice,
But the spirit is far too weak.

All at once I am angered,
To see others turn away,
From something so sacred as life;
In trembling indifference,
They chose to sacrifice.

All at once I am accepting,
For there is little which I may do,
To stop this endless pain.
I long to make a difference,
But my wishes die in vain.

Nalini Hebbar 14 July 2006

well, we do have to count our smallest of small blessing to help us live thru life's many sorrows...but that life! ! !

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