A Dream

Rating: 3.6

Last night you held me in your arms awhile,
On silk and lace we entwined.
But when I awoke this morning,
I was very sad to know it came only in my mind.

The dream was the same yet different.
Your eyes - they were so blue,
But something hung in the mist,
In that dream of me and you.

I remember how you held me,
Your touch gentle and so light.
I thought we were together,
All through the night.

I awakened to find I was dreaming,
And sadly tears fell anew,
To think it hadn't really happened,
I was really not with you....

Patricia Gale 11 July 2006

The dreams of the night for the lonely sorrow of the day. Well done from the heart.

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Ruby Root 06 July 2006

Hi Lesa, Yes this is really sad and an emotional poem. You write with pensive sadness. It was an excellent honest poem. Take care.

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Night Hawk 28 June 2006

very good poem, few people know what it is like to wake up from a beautiful dream, into a terrible nightmare, but the feeling is captured here

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trisha evensen 07 November 2006

Sad but oh so lovely! Trisha :) O

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Anne Jojo 01 September 2006

hmm wonderful. a poem i can relate to. those are the kinds of dreams u don' wanna wake up from. keep up! i lov it.

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Charmaine Simpson 31 August 2006

This is so beautiful and yet so very sad - dreams are such a wonderful place to return to those moments and the memories that will remain always lost in a dreamspace. Charmaine x

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Souls Merged 14 August 2006

this is so awesome. enjoyed it very much.

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Esther Leclerc 30 July 2006

Dreams capture us in our most vulnerable state... the awakening is often the worst part of the experience. A sad/sweet write, Lesa...

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