Albot George

All Of Me - Poem by Albot George

24 it good to talk
42 to remember old days or old ones
10 so hello rose lulu daisy
65 I miss yew
66 five years on ‘A’
28 some would say a life time
59 but in my eyes
53 you are still my perfect refuge
41 everything
61 why
64 R.U. irreplaceable
69 is it because when I see you
4 I need you to hold me
13 and kiss me
43 forever
16 I’ll never tyre of you
31 because blonds are more whatever so
19 you’ll do
6 I would walk over broken glass for you
2 even now there a lot more of you
44 Unlike my hair today and gone tomorrow
8 also like a drought that goes on in fact
36 It more like the win………ter just keeps going on
17 but I’ll never tyre of you
27 my little duck
25 should I say my wobbling duck
22 but I think that’s too much butter or margarine
60 or cake
35 how much
21 what would wait watches say about
20 my special K
58 she needs to change today’s menu
55 causes you need time
52 perhaps one week
30 or even a thousand hours cause then
40 you could look like a bottle of fine wine
68 instead of my guitar
26 but as they say the beat goes on
14 and that’s from the DR who know it all
54 and knots let’s forget MR big tongue who
57 says you still have nice legs
9 as seen on Sunday
23 through the nice windows
63 in are room
32 nothing like O, A, P
3 but you cannot be 67 com, on
45 more like Janet’s from Janet and john
11 which remind me of the book I had at kindergarten
29 and I know they have had their ups and downs
38 like me and you
62 but at least we have a friendship you can keep?
5 but it’s a good job I know my plaice don’t you think my little tin of (chew, na)
39 or I could be a lone
7 If my crystal ball is anything to go by
48 in room 114
15 with just a ghost
46 and my thoughts of you
50 until
1 when I say my
51 last world
47 to my rose
34 who’s common and what do we have in common
12 wouldn’t hurt if people got there fax or fact right
33 time to go and look at my
49 new phone nice text sorry sexy video
18 night night
56 time for dreams
67 my babe
37 XXX


Your last text to me was don’t play with words say how it is ………….. So ok

I am in love with you Lynn and there is nothing I can do about it
You are beautiful and sexy and a pleasure to know and to be with
You have made me and my life feel so young
Thank you



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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, October 11, 2013

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