Jose Duran

Allegory Of The Maze - Poem by Jose Duran

As I yawn on the longest day
I awake at the center of a crowded maze.
As people walk by me I become bewildered
and started to look down a path in a daze.

To make an executive decision I first went left
only to realize it was just an unintelligent phase.
I suddenly stopped, turned right,
and then gave myself much praise.

As I kept exploring I became Saddened because I saw walls
blocking many of the simple ways.
At this point I am having soliloquy responding
"will this be the end of days".

Now with much frustration I decided to return
to the commencement of it all,
and that is the center of the maze.
This time around I come prepared with an inquiry
that certainly needed to be raised.

Walking towards a human
I started to Say.
"Excuse me kind sir may
I ask you a question if I may.

Surprisingly the mortal
did not say nay.
There was also not a price
I needed to pay.

I thought to myself
"I here will not lay".
The knowledge of this fellow
was a massive array.

"O Yes all you have to do is
turn right, then turn left,
and then go that way! "
This is the wisdom of
the clever Mr. Hays.

Now that I have the answer
I will run out and dash to
the exit fast as a blaze.
Finally with much needed assist
I am out of the maze!

I of course one day
will return to answer a question
needed to be raised.
To give the solution to a
loner in a crowded maze.

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

his is a poem about how I used to be stubborn and never ask for help in anything I do. This is me coming to the realization that we all need help and we all must help each other at times

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 1, 2012

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