Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Ally - Poem by Justin Reamer

Ally, you are my dear friend,
And I am thankful for all that you do,
For you are very special to me.
You are a very good friend,
And I cannot forget what you've done.
You are a great friend and
A superb person.

Your hair,
Long and blond,
Shines in the sun as it waves
Within the wind,
And your eyes,
As blue as Lake Michigan itself,
Sparkle like stars
When your smile reveals
Your big shiny teeth
That illuminate the night
Like a flashlight
And contaminates everyone’s thoughts
Contagiously so,
And you speak with great repartee.

You are very friendly and kind,
Giving to everyone who needs help,
And you are careful to listen,
Slow to judgement,
And you help everyone in need.

You are ferocious with a soccer ball,
Running across a field like the Flash,
And kicking it with all of your strength,
You hit it into the goal
To help your team win the game.
You practise constantly,
And you are a valuable asset to your team,
For you want to work hard to do well,
And I commemorate you for that.
Yet you are not just a team player on the field,
For you are also a team player off the field as well.

You give to people constantly,
And you want to help them succeed.
You try to help people smile,
With all of your gregariousness,
And all of your vivacity,
You show people the good in life
And make them laugh.

You work very hard in school,
And you do well in helping other people,
For you are a great tutor now,
You will eventually become a great teacher one day
For you are one of the most helpful people I know.
You want to help people,
Which is great,
For you are compassionate,
Kind and thoughtful,
Sweet and savoury,
And much more,
And you help people no matter what.

You are a great scientist,
Loving the way the world works,
And yet, you love God,
For He has done a lot for you,
And has blessed you all the same,
And you want to help other people
See Him in their lives as
You see Him in yours.
You are a gracious person,
Listening to people when they have troubles,
And guiding them in whatever way you can.
When people feel downtrodden,
You lift them back up.
When they are happy,
You laugh with them.
When they are angry,
You mollify them.
You are Christ-like in many ways.

When people are hungry,
You give them food;
When people are thirsty,
You give them drink;
When people are tired,
You let them rest;
When people are naked,
You clothe them;
When people are sick,
You nurture them in whatever way you can;
When people are conflicted,
You console them;
When people are in trouble,
You try to help them out;
When people are uncertain,
You guide them;
When people seek help,
You help them in whatever way you can.

Ally, you are a wonderful person,
And a great, amazing friend.
You are beautiful and smart,
Intelligent and loving,
And a faithful Christian at best.
You will become a great teacher,
A wonderful mother,
A charming wife,
A valuable grandmother,
And a magnificent scientist.
Your compassion knows no bounds,
And the athlete in you will strive to succeed.
You are a wonderful person,
For you have shown me compassion
And great love,
And I reciprocate the compassion you’ve shown me,
For we are siblings in Christ,
And I am glad that I can call you my friend,
Since there is no stronger bond than family—
The family of the Church.
Thank you for all that you do, Ally,
There are not many who know compassion,
And there are certainly not many like you.
Keep up the good work,
And may God bring peace to you
And bless you all of your days.
God bless you!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is written for a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

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