Justin Reamer

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Ambivalence - Poem by Justin Reamer

It is something of question,
These emotions that I feel,
They are all conflicting,
And my mind is going blank.

You see, I happen to like a girl,
A girl who is happy and pure,
And she is a good friend of mine,
A friend that I hold dear to me.

She is a blond, a beautiful blond,
Who is cuter than any other,
And her humour is great,
Better than slate,
That it is, in fact, so contagious.

She cares about others,
Before all else,
She is accepting of everyone.
She is always happy and friendly,
With everyone that it goes to show,
That her optimism is long-lasting.

She is a kind one,
Always good to her friends,
Whether they are boys or girls,
Blonds, brunettes, or redheads,
White or black,
Native or foreigner,
Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist,
Atheist or agnostic,
Liberal or conservative,
Creative or logical,
Artistic or uncreative,
Orthodox or outsider,
Conformist or rebel,
Radical or reactionary,
Realist or empiricist,
Intellect or buffoon,
Abled or disabled,
Rich or poor,
Realistic or dreamer,
Mature or puerile,
She treats them all the same.

The girl is kind to all,
Selfless in every way I have seen,
She is accepting to all,
Unlike commonstream that goes around.

She does have her troubles,
She does experience her pain,
But she is always happy,
Whenever she's around me.

The girl is very artistic,
Creative in every sense
She knows what
She does with 3-D Design,
Knowing perfectly well
What she can do.

She also likes to sing,
With that beautiful
Voice of hers,
And she also likes to dance,
With that childlike energy of hers.

As you can see,
She is good company,
Especially to have around your life,
And I admire her candour,
Just like that of Enjolie.

She is a good friend,
As we confide in each other,
It was just like Enjolie and me,
Who also grew very close.

But, I have a problem,
My emotions, as you see,
Let me explain them,
For you know they cannot be.

The girl is very easy to talk to,
Whenever I see her,
She makes me smile,
Her smile is her biggest trait,
For it makes my heart leap.

Her body does not matter to me,
As it would to a normal horny teen,
And though she has a nice one,
I cannot stand to be mean.

Impertinence, I hate,
That I cannot stand for,
But let me be loud and clear,
Because I have great candour.

The girl is easy to laugh with,
She is always filled with fun,
I know this because of my emotions,
Whenever my heart skips a beat.

But that is the positive side of it,
Of which I made very clear,
There is also a negative side,
Of which I contemplate.

The girl is like someone I knew,
Just like the brown-eyed beauty,
She has the same sense of humour,
Always laughing at everything.

She has the same qualities
As the maiden I once loved,
She as the same characteristics
As the girl I thought was beautiful.

They both laugh at everything,
With their contagious laughs of theirs,
They both are always happy,
Unlike anyone I'd seen.

They both care about everyone,
Which is unbelievable,
They are accepting to all,
Which is quite crazy to the eye.
They both like to sing
With their great voices,
And they hum with
Their beautiful voices of theirs.

They both like to sing,
With their beautiful voices of theirs,
They both reach the octaves remarkably,
And they have their vibratos to add to it.

But that's what makes me hurt,
For I don't want deja vu,
I do not want to hurt my friend,
As I hurt the brown-eyed beauty.

The maiden was innocent and pure,
Just as my friend is,
And she was hurt so badly,
Just because I wronged her.

I did not want to hurt my friend,
I did not want her aching,
That's why I'm ambivalent,
With an ongoing internal war
Inside of my heart.

I did not want to hurt her,
For I would feel so guilty,
But she was like an angel,
And the girl is just as pure.

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