Alone In My Heart Poem by Prachi Agrawal

Alone In My Heart

I am so alone in my heart
Still confused the decision I made
Was right or wrong
As it changed my life
And their lives
Don’t know for good or wrong.

Now I’m living my life
Like a bird waiting
For the wings to come alive
Striving to survive
And living my life
Even near the hive.

And if you’d blame me
For this thing
I would tell you
And I would sing.

On that day
When I had to carry out my way
I looked back at you
But you did not say.

And when it was time
To say goodbye
You came before me
With wet eyes
And your face said everything
To my eyes.

But when I came back
The things were changed
It was too late
As you had already made your way.

I moved along
The path I had come
With the memories of us
Losing in the particles of dust.

But they are with me in my heart
And yet I’m so alone in my heart
Waiting for you to come
And take me along.

Kumud Ranjan 20 January 2012

This one is a very good one.nice flow of incidents. full of emotions...good going..

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