Prachi Agrawal Poems

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My Imperfections

I can’t help the way I am
You have to accept me as I am
I admit I am not perfect
Oh! My imperfection, I love it.

But Still...........

Can I ask you for a favour
Please be here with me
I know it’s not possible
But still..........

Yes, I'M Wasting My Time

I hear people say,
‘She does nothing
All the time making her mind
To waste more and more of her time.'

Her Hidden Face

A beautiful face
Decorated with tears
An empty space
Surrounded by fears.

Unsaid Goodbye

I don’t bother you anymore
Your eyes don’t distract me some more
I don’t irritate you like before
And we talk no more.

Queen Of Jhansi

She slept in reality
But woke up in her dream
Incapable to decide
If it's a nightmare or daydream.

Always On My Mind

Sometimes I close my eyes and drive
Just to make myself feel alive
I'm alone while doing such crazy things
But I swear you're always on my mind.

Barricaded Land

Where have those days gone?
Those days of ecstasy
When the wind had melody
And the trees had chirpings.

End Of Innocence

They killed my innocence
That I had protected for so many years
They hung me down
My innocence was murdered without a sound.


Are you just a thought?
Or do you really exist
Because without you
I'm thoughtless.

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