Bailey Burris

Amelia Earhart - Poem by Bailey Burris

So, which is better, please inform.
The feelings that are conformed
From others reform
Please, be stern.
Heaps of emotion flowing threw.
How do I do?
How do I earn?
All I do is yearn.
When all we did was burn.
Run on run on. Feeling it come on.
Reminisce, what hell, who wants to remember?
Happiness was the center of our ‘forever’ endeavor.
When forever lasted never.
Just a day at the park.
Dogs spoke to us in a hush toning bark.
Speaking to us of our much closer plans.
Proving to us in all of the cants.
Between all of the plants, is where my dreams lye.
Floating there, just wanting to die.
But creeping to me, once again threw the night.
Like Amelia Earhart, dreaming of flight.
She’s crazy to think, that anyone would fight
Or even stand up.
For what she wanted.
She’s just a girl, all she should be is flaunted.
Love love, all to live for
All your gold, you’ll trade it in for.
Children, every state is named for.
Love love, is game, therefore
So, which is better, please inform.
The feelings that beat like a storm
Tighten your shakles, it’s here for the night
Don’t worry, you’ll remember it all of your life.
Nothing but a knife to the heart.
Nothing but a love sick dart.
He doesn’t care if it’s love in your heart.
He won’t pull the forever card.
Lasting a week might even be hard.
But your feelings are genuine and true.
And that’s the only thing that matters to you.
You may be a broken down mess.
But love is this feeling, love is the best.
Love has taken enough.
It's all done, i am giving up.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

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