Atef Ayadi

American Taliban: The Robot Thing

what i meant
by robot



your neighbor,
my neighbor,
my cousins,

your soccer team,

Tom croze
Micheal Jackson
the five Jacksons,
Reverent Jackson,
Mao Zedong,

Loius xi,
Henry VI,

any bipeds, triped, quadruped, pentaped, who is
walking with a stick or
wheel chair,
anything or anyone who is jumping like a frog,
people who is driving, manoeuvrings machines,
pathetic, alcoholic, abusive and serial killers,
Plato, or

is 'organic robot'

it took a while
to develop this organic thing...a while

do not look for an
answer for the existence and jump into the big bang

just jump into your mind

study some gene
DNA, enzymes, proteins, bacteria -''god'' bless them and pray upon them, -

cognitive science
at least
try to understand
what is in the brain of an theologists
if he -rarely she -
has a brain!

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 11, 2009
Poem Edited: Friday, October 30, 2009

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