America's Last Dance… Poem by Adrian Wait

America's Last Dance…

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When serving up your Villains and Heroes
Do they ask " want Fries with those…"
Fast-food, fast service, fast and loose ‘truth'
Doughnuts, with served imperialistic, obesity
Ironically referred to as the United States, America?
Confederate, and Northern enemies still divided
Self-professed democracy flavoured with anarchy
Narcissistic, immature, spoilt arrogant indifference
Their Golden calf stands once again in Wall street
Illuminates obsession for fantasy over facts, childish
Potential destroyed by fixation with profit, over people
American Dream, devoid of humanity, arrogant, so cold
Born of Hollywood, captured by Wayne's moral vacuum
Black and White hats their feigned code of conduct, false
Deluded and egotistical defeated by their arrogant pride
Always playing soldiers imposing their flawed ‘democracy'
Stars and Stripes is their false god, a god above all others
Their states plagued by guns, and isms of every kind, United?
Embers of their civil war glow in the minds of U.S. Tyrants
Ripened kleptocracy replaced democracy with Sheriff Regan
Neoliberalism spawned Corporate America, democracy died
Arms Traders blossomed, Private armies needed outlets, Wars…
The War Racket became a gold rush, billions overnight…Greed
Death counts grew higher nearly as high as profits from the dead
Truth was crucified daily no one ever cried, and lies reached the skies
Hi-bred Corporatism, the graveyard of morality,
US kleptocracy rules
Companies and individuals trample down the Constitution, Lawyers rule
Greater, more powerful, wealthier than all the States,
cancer arrives…
Masters of War, this feral elite, devils own disguise,
sits upon the throne
Every depraved empire falls, for no lie will last forever,
Nero's decadence echoes America's descent
Arrogance, Greed, self-obsession enough is never enough,
then you Fall
No more serving up of villains, no more heroes when truth comes to call.



The last dance! But who cares!

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