An Awesome Creation

He knows all there is to know, about who you are and how you’ll grow,
The Creator God of all Eternity, Who, individually created you and me,
Creating every soul individually, with distinct character and personality,
Knitting each in the mother’s womb, with God’s Hands being the loom.

Not hidden from God as an embryo, and all my future He would know,
With all my ways ordained by God, for my life lived on the earthly sod,
And in a book are written all my days, tailored made, for God’s Praise,
When my life, I live in harmony, with others in God’s Plan for humanity.

I’m an awesome work of The Creator, made in the image of my Savior,
I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, and of my God I mustn’t be afraid,
For precious are His thoughts of me, for a Godly hope and prosperity,
With a purpose to be used by Him, for eternal reason not earthly whim.

Created both carefully and skillfully, for service with our Lord eternally,
In ways we fully don’t understand, as we’re being lead by God’s Hand,
For God has a work prepared for us, when in Christ we place our trust,
To be a part of the Body of Christ, when our lives we humbly sacrifice.

All knowledge to wonderful to attain, apart from the life in Christ I gain,
The thought, God has ordained for me, a life that spans all of Eternity,
Truly begs my weary heart to submit, unto the One who knowingly knit,
My earthly body and soul together, so that I may live with God forever.

(Copyright ©09/2009)